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We are known for our scientific approach to our process from raw material selection, quality control, to our customized service. Whether with a global standard or a customized iron casting grade matching functional design, AMC offer dependability and high-quality solution for our clients for more than 30 years. Currently AMC produce various of castings special features; certified high pressure, flame hardening, high elongation or high machinability to match our clients’ complex goals.


AMC provide flexibility in customized material grades, wide range of weight and function, and production time. From less than one kilogram to 30 tons in castings, we aim to accommodate all iron casting parts from each machine/die/mold/spared part, and both high and low volume with choices of pattern production; wooden/resin/aluminum or polystyrene patterns. We also offer casting design consultancy to clients to support any changes in product efficiency, functions or materials.


AMC strive to establish a long-term relationship with all our customers through casting development and long-term cost efficiency. With over 30 years of experience, we have clients across the globe working with multiple casting standards. We work with our clients online and offline to bring out the best advantages of out iron casting solution.


  In 1988, Ayutthaya Metal Co.,Ltd. was started with strong ambition to become a basis for developing Thai machinery industry.  Now we are one of the best foundries in Asia with customers in Japan, Germany, Malaysia, India, Italy and Singapore, just to name a few.


Pattern : Polystyrene pattern 50% / Wooden pattern 50%

Process : Green sand and FURAN No-baked processes.

Material Classification :

  Grey cast iron :  JIS G 5501 class FC200 to FC300 or NFA 32-101 or ASTM A48 or ISOR 185                                        or BS 1452 or DIN 1961

  Ductile cast iron :  JIS G 5502 class FCD400 to FCD700 or NFA 32-201 or ASTM A536                                                   or ISOR 1083 or BS 2789 or DIN 1693

  Special material :  FCD400-18L (FCD-S), GGG 70L, TGC 600, HKE 800

Range Max. : Product weight is 30t in Grey Iron and 20t in Ductile Iron

Metallurgical testing equipment :

– Tensile strength test

– Vickers hardness tester

– Bending test

– Brinell hardness tester

– Portable shore hardness tester

– Impact testing machine

– Microscope

– Penetrant test (Level 2)

– Portable microscope

– Ultrasonic test (Level 2)


High Pressure Parts

More than 30 years of producing high elongation ductile iron” “Specialized in Special grade material

Die Casting Molds

Full mold process/ Evaporative Polystyrene foam pattern casting-start from CAD/CAM data to sound castings

Machine Tool Parts

From Small to big castings, we serve our customer with made-to-order products

Engine Parts

An expert in heavy section with expertise in cooling control method design

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